Moon Shot

Re-live the adventures of America's race to the moon. 

TBS national broadcast and worldwide video distribution

Peabody Award: Outstanding Documentary Series

Emmy nominations: Informational Special; Editing



One man's journey to get into the Guiness Book of World Records.

Premiered at the Cinequest Film Festival and the Dallas Video Festival

PBS national broadcast

Oxygen Network broadcast

Erasing ED

Five survivors of eating disorders tell their stories of recovery.

Indie Fest Award of Merit

Los Angeles Movie Award of Excellence

PBS national broadcast and worldwide video distribution


Daredevils of the Sky

Climb into the cockpit of the U.S. Aerobatics team on their quest to the world championship.

Episode of the acclaimed NOVA series from WGBH Boston 

PBS national broadcast and video distribution


It's All Good

Cruise the streets of New York City and Los Angeles with the two most notorious and extreme In-Line Skating teams in the United States. 

Theatrical and video distribution



Making Sense of the Sixties

Re-examine the events and emotions of one of the most tumultuous decades in American history.

Special six-part series for WETA Washington D.C.

PBS national broadcast and video distribution



Actor Michael Kearns battles HIV and Hollywood blacklisting. 

Premiered at the Palm Springs Film Festival. Best Documentary award

Video distribution


Anchor of the Soul

Explore race relations and and African American history in Northern New England, the least diverse region in the United States. 

PBS national broadcast and video distribution

Winner of three national video awards


Heroines of the Sky

Aviatrix Linda Finch restores an Electra 10E and attempts to replicate and complete Amelia Earhart's historic around-the-world flight.

PBS national broadcast and video distribution


Dreams Spoken Here

Hearing-impaired children learn to listen and speak through the revolutionary technology of cochlear implants. 

Worldwide video distribution


Into the Mainstream

Five years later, the families from Dreams Spoken Here navigate through the difficulties of entering their children into mainstream public schools. 

Worldwide video distribution


Biography: Charles Dana Gibson

Examine the life and work of the second most famous American Illustrator. 

Video distribution


Dating Coach

A dating coach helps his clients overcome personal barriers to a successful dating life.

Video distribution

Cooling Off a Hot Situation

Highlights the success of youth anti-violence program in Kansas City. Video distribution

War and Flight

The development of flight and it's impact on human history. Museum installation.

Detroit Receiving

On-call with health care professionals and their battle with post-traumatic stress disorder. Video distribution

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

New technologies challenge the reign of the internal combustion engine.


The mysterious history of a small town in Maine. Video distribution.