Roy Murphy: Private Eye

San Francisco, 1941. Detective Roy Murphy investigates the murder of a millionaire in this film noir, 1940s-style detective mystery.  


Women & Cigarettes

David is an inspiring artist who works as a door-to-door makeup salesman. Sarah is a photographer who supports herself as a stripper. When they fall for each other they become entangled in a web of lies, rumors, and misconceptions. 

Premiered at San Francisco's Opera Plaza Theater

Ketheron's Bucket-Mending & Hymen Emporium

A women commits a tryst on the eve of her wedding night and in desperation turns to a lesbian charlatan for hymen help in this over-the-top period musical comedy.

Screened at film festivals throughout the U.S., Australia, and India


A glimpse of a maturing relationship, the refusal to confront change, and the resulting damage. 

Premiered at the Sonoma International Film Festival


Two brothers struggling with personal failures and the legacy of their abusive father finally come to blows on a sentimental camping trip. 

Premiered at the Rochester International Film Festival


7 Minutes in Hell

When a girl is bitten by a strange creature and her "boyfriend" proves clueless, a mysterious Zombie-movie expert intervenes. 

Premiered at the San Francisco Underground Short Film Festival and the San Francisco Independent Film Festival


Miss Rumphius

Live-action and animated adaptation of the classic children's story by Barbara Cooney. Narrated by Claire Danes. 

Worldwide video distribution


Snowflake Bentley

Live-action and animated adaptation of the class children's story by Jacqueline Briggs Martin. Narrated by Sean Astin.

Worldwide video distribution

Curse of the Black Lotus

Framed for a murder he didn't commit and on the run from the law, rocket scientist Jack Marsh can save himself only if he unravels the mystery of the secret government project code-named "Black Lotus."

Thomas & Jackie

When ex-girlfriend and boyfriend reunite and rekindle their college love affair, everything is not as perfect as first appears.

Episode of Maria Mealla's Business Affairs series

Pete & Veronica

Co-workers who can never manage to be in the same place, or even on the same floor, at the same time. 

Episode of Maria Mealla's Business Affairs series

Rosie & Wickens

Struggling to meet a looming office deadline, Wickens is distracted by his obsession to discover his secret admirer. 

Episode of Maria Mealla's Business Affairs series

Ricky Gets Rejected

When Christina suggests they get married Ricky says the wrong thing in this outrageous romantic comedy.

Footprints in the Sand

Chris celebrates his birthday drinking whiskey and discussing the meaning of life with his self-absorbed best friend David.

Out of Nowhere

When his day-to-day life becomes too difficult to navigate, Sam explores a new form of treatment and embarks on a journey to confront the darkness that haunts him. 



Abby steals her father's sports car and heads to Los Angeles to begin a new life, but on the way she picks up a hitchhiker who challenges everything Abby believes. 



A teenage drug addict compromises herself to feed her habit and her family spirals downward when they try to save her.


Maya helps her father get over his grief of her mother's death. But when her father announces he's getting re-married, Maya must face her own grief.


The Crosses

With his ex-wife dating and his daughter coming of age, a bisexual father must negotiate the new family dynamics in this comedic drama.


Smoke & Mirrors

In this dark comedy, a mirror turns against a man by using his reflection to drive him insane. 


One Kid

When Ari comes home for Passover with Rami, his new boyfriend, Ari's parents struggle to accept that Rami isn't Jewish. 


Island of Dr. Moreau

H.G. Wells classic science fiction performed by the acclaimed Taproot Theater for the International Globalstage Adventure Series.

Worldwide video distribution

last goodbye.jpg

Last Goodbye

A young girl comes to terms with her imaginary friend.

New York Independent Film Festival


Noah's Dream

A man, a genie, and the three wishes that come between them. 

Premiered at the San Francisco 48 Hour Film Festival


Cold Morning at the Joneses

A naive couple and two cold winter mornings in Maine.


Ghost Writer

A bookstore owner, her best customer, and a man who sees famous dead people everywhere. 


Johnny Elvis

Mockumentary in the spirit of Spinal Tap, a small-town heavy metal band gets a big time break.